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Document Your Transactions

Being a cannabis dispensary is a new industry, with many of the rules and procedures undefined as yet. Protect yourself NOW by setting up a documentation system that easily records sales, identification such as driver's licenses and marijuana authorization cards/letters, and real-time pictures of customers.

WitsEnds Software has been creating innovative image-scanning software for twenty years. We've built a variety of database and accounting systems for large and small businesses. CanaSoft. is an easy-to-use documentation system that collects information on the buyer, including a webcam photo, the details of the transaction, and the authorizing documentation, all at the same time, in accordance with local and state laws.

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Mission Statement

There are many competing value systems at work within the medical marijuana environment.

Our position is simple. We want to make money. But, we want to earn our money by developing, proposing and advocating for a technologically-based system whereby both sides in the debate, the activistist side and the control side share in a solution that works, more or less, for both sides.

As technology advocates, we propose a solution that attempts to address the issues of both sides while providing a framework for managing the issues in a thoughtful way.

There are reasonable allowances that the advocates of MM ask for, and there are reasonable requirements that the state would ask for to ensure lawful compliance.

These goals are not mutually exclusive, if all players are truthful and upfront about the issues. Hidden agendas are not welcome, because they distort the valuable political process and do a public disservice.

There is the possibility of a solution; both from the standpoint of adequate oversight regulation and from the standpoint of operating a lawful business to serve a social and public need. We want to provide technological solutions that bridge that gap, at the least cost to everyone involved.






Digital Documents
Scan in documents to save in digital format . Documents can be easily retrieved, exported, printed.

Transaction Records
Records of a transaction are saved for later review. Details of the transaction can be exported or passed to accounting systems such as QuickBooks©

Audit Trails
Keep track of identity documents and financial records to demonstrate compliance with local and state laws.

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